What is Binary Bonus and how is it calculated
The Binary is a network of your downlines, both direct and indirect downlines including spill over members (new members directly or indirectly referred by your sponsor and other people in the network before you joined). They are arranged in a binary fashion, some on your left and others on your right. As a result you have a group of downlines on your Left side and another group of downlines on your Right side, forming a Left team and a Right team all under you.

The Binary network get filled in a progressive fashion as new members join your network. They appear one after the other as they join the network and they will either join your right or your left team. These members are introduced either by you directly, or they are introduced by other people you already invited to join your network. There are also those called "spillover" downlines that are introduced by your sponsors or uplines, these will also either make it to your left or your right team.

Binary Bonus is an accumulative bonus from the beginning of the lending program, and includes total invested amount from a member’s downlines (both direct and indirect) and spillover from uplines. A member will earn on the balance of both sides, receiving the corresponding percentage (up to 6%) of the total accrued amount on the smaller side. This amount is paid daily from the side with the lesser volume, and the same amount deducted from the side with the higher volume for stability of the network. N.B: to qualify for Binary Bonus you need at least one direct downline on your right, and another on your left

You get Binary bonus every time a new member joins your network, the bonus is paid out daily if it falls on the team with the lower volume in Dollars or it accumulates and its paid on a latter day if it falls on the team with the higher volume. So to ensure you get paid daily you can move your new direct sign ups to fall on the team with the lower volume. So you can set a new member to go to your Right team or your Left team, to be able to maximize your binary bonus.

For Example:
At the end of a day, if the total Lending Investment of all the people on your Right Team is $100,000 meaning every member invested individually different amount to the CATA-E (Trading Bot) which summed up to a total of $100,000. And total investment on your Left Team is $300,000. You will receive 6% of the team with the lower volume which in this case is your Right Team ($100,000), so you get 6% of $100,000 = $9,000 paid to you on that day.

The Volume on that team is reset to Zero to start counting again and the amount used in paying out on that lower side is subtracted from the volume on the higher side. So you will start the following day with Zero total volume on the Right and $200,000 on the Left (300,000 - 100,000) thereby keeping the binary network balanced without one side out running the other. This continues daily as the total invested keeps accumulating and Binary Bonus been paid out daily.

With this Binary Bonus you can keep earning daily bonuses from your teams even without referring people and you can work with others in making the rewards huge for everyone. However when you do refer people directly, you stand to get Direct Bonuses, Indirect Bonuses coupled with the Binary Bonuses on a daily basis. These rewards are surely MASSIVE.
Last Updated: 11 Dec 2017